The Magic of Modularity


Modularity is a tricky task when it comes to interior lighting. It’s very hit or miss – not for Klaudia Żmuda, who designed and built the ModuLight – undoubtedly a stunning piece of art. “ModuLight move system” is a project of modular luminaires implemented in collaboration with Aquaform Lighting Solutions. What makes luminaires unique are their varied features – modularity without a doubt being its strongest feature, however this is not all, with their energy-saving LEDs, the ModuLight Move System invites the possibility of controlling the light source and the option to freely adjust the luminous flux applied in the frame mechanism by tilting the tile outwards.

The ModuLight changes the environment around it with a very simple bending of the light panel. This shapes the light beam and makes it easy to quickly change the interior design with the simple use of lighting and reflection. What puts the icing on the cake with ModuLight are the beautiful compositions that user can choose from – whether that is against the ceiling, suspended from the ceiling, or against a wall, not to mention the various orientations one can create with these modular light fixtures. The ModuLight is an exciting solution to interior lighting with a smartly creative execution.

Designers: Aquaform Lighting Solutions & Klaudia Żmuda