Temporary Mobile Housing for Disaster Relief by Michel Antoun Zateef

Home Away From Home

This temporary mobile housing design aims to provide readily available shelter to those affected by a variety emergencies and disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and fires….

Saint Francis Chapel by Rafael Hintersteiner

Chapel of Simplicity

When we hear the word “chapel,” we imagine a grandiose, highly stylized structures with heavy symbolism throughout. The Saint Francis Chapel is easily considered the antithesis…

Cube2 - Architecture by Justin Chong

Home Sweet Cube 2.0

We recently featured Justin Chong’s charming, super-minimal Cube home… well he’s back with an alternative version that reworks the usable space to accommodate more storage, sleeping…

Cube - Home by Justin Chong

Home Sweet Cube

This minimal design by Justin Chong packs everything you need in one 3 meter x 3 meter space! The Cube home features a thoughtfully placed bathroom…