This Wooden Tiny Home Feels & Looks Like A Beachfront Getaway But Is A Full-Time Dwelling

Tiny homes are one of the most popular home styles in 2023, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to make their way well into 2024. They had started off as a fun and cute trend, but now they’re a space-saving and environment-conscious housing option that is economical as well. They reduce the load on Mother Earth and are a simple and minimal alternative to the imposing and materialistic homes that are not preferred by everyone. And an excellent tiny home that I recently uncovered is the Beach by Raglan Tiny Homes

Designer: Raglan Tiny Homes 

Designed by New Zealand’s Raglan Tiny Homes, the recently completed Beach tiny home features a compact and cozy interior that instantly welcomes you in. The tiny house is non-towable and equipped with a welcoming indoor-outdoor lifestyle and aesthetic, which is accentuated by a part-enclosed deck area. The main section of the home has a width of 2.5m, with the covered deck adding another 2.9m, which covers a total width of 5.4m. The length of the home is 6m.

The exterior of the home is finished in Douglas fir, giving it a warm and minimal aesthetic. Although the layout of the home isn’t very typical and seems more like a beachfront getaway villa, it is in fact intended to be used as a full-time dwelling. An outdoor shower has been outfitted ahead of the entrance, which is teamed up with a small outdoor bathtub, that is concealed under a hatch in the floor. This functions as a quaint outdoor bath for some much-needed pampering sessions.

As you enter the Beach via sliding glass doors, you are welcomed by a combined living room/bedroom space that is equipped with a sofa, and a bed, as well as some storage store. However, this is the only space in the home, there are no other rooms or even a loft, which can be a bit limiting. The tiny home is equipped with a wood-burning stove, shelving, a diesel-powered heating system, and an off-the-grid solar panel setup. You can add an additional studio area if needed.