Bodacious Bourbon Barrel Boarding

The Bourbon Barrel Board is as simple as it sounds: a skateboard made from reclaimed bourbon barrels! The use of this upcycled material makes them not only eco-friendly but stylish, described by the designers as “skateable fashion.” In two distinct styles, Flip and Jive, you can cruise or freestyle with comfort and confidence thanks to the natural curvature that gives each an ideal center of gravity. They’re as smooth and strong as the bourbon that came before them! See em’ in action —>

Jive is a cruiser board with a short nose and a gentle kick tail, made to give you optimum performance for maneuverability, safety and speed. Whether you’re commuting to work or going out for a nice ride, Jive will be your right hand man.

Flip is a freestyle board designed for the cruiser and aggressive skater alike. Flip wants to be pushed to the limit!

Designer: Hepcat

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