Light will guide you…

Light is unbelievably versatile. No, I’m not drunk… I’m making quite a revelatory point. It’s used to help our most powerful sense operate. We use it to illuminate, to highlight, to give signals, to guide, to warn. Light is one of the most instinctive things we respond to… and the absence of it can be very discomforting. The Smartflare, LED Combo light puts as much meaning into its lamp as possible. The lamp gives off 360° ambient light, a directional light, and warning lights. This small handheld device comes with white and red LEDs, allowing you to choose which way you want to use it. It even comes with a magnet at the base, which means you can easily mount it on your car while travelling, or maybe on your tent pole so you have a makeshift lighting device on the inside. And you get two in a kit, which just makes things easier when you’re out of batteries!

Designer: Marche Design Studio

Buy It Here: $18.95 $25.00