A Cradle for a Tree

To celebrate their new Pluma, Montessori, and Roll cradles, Woodly is planting a tree for each unit sold! Carried out in collaboration with Treedom.it , buyers can track their tree and even check it out with GPS coordinates. Even cooler are the cradles themselves! Check out the design details after the jump.


A suspended cradle that swings and bounces, allowing your baby to sleep easier. A birch shell holds a padded nest in pure wool felt for a child’s total comfort. The hanging function allows it to swing side to side, or backwards and forwards. Four strong cotton ropes join together in a  central wood ring connected to a hook on the ceiling. The inside can be pulled out and washed. Within, a cotton and biological spelt husk mattress gives maximum comfort with natural anti-suffocation quality.


For those who like things a little closer to the ground, the Pluma is a soft nest made of pure, non-treated, hand-sewn wool felt in saddle style on a light yet stolid wood structure. Pluma also uses a cotton and biological spelt husk mattress giving it maximum comfort with natural anti-suffocation quality.


A floor bed or cot for when your child is slightly older giving them total freedom to climb on and off. Soft side edges and low clearance ensure safety from night tumbles. A great way to transition to a big boy bed!

Designer: Woodly

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