Sewwwww Cool!

If you’ve ever looked closely at a sewing machine, then you know they are generally quite daunting with all their knobs, buttons, gizmos and other gadgets. Susanne Eichel’s latest creation, however, might just be the Apple iPad of sewing machines. With its aluminum unibody, minmal aesthetic, straightforward controls, and overall user-friendliness, it makes sewing seem within reach to anyone. So simple that the knobs’ labels are even in German and you’ll still know what they do!

Designer: Susanne Eichel


  • Jihee Han says:


    Wow. What a amazing stuff!!

    Could you tell me where can I buy this machine?

    Please let me know…

  • ipesdu26 says:

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  • paccana says:

    Wow, that looks like an amazing machine! Where would I go about purchasing one of these?

  • mrvac says:

    I also like the features! I would like to buy this machine and want to learn sewing on it.

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