The Um Torch

The Um is a torch that is designed to be held out like an umbrella. It essentially lights up the space in front of you and unlike conventional torches, the outreach of the light from this torch will help you see your path more clearly. The torch has three settings: OFF and folded within, ON – when the button is pressed and the LEDs spring out and lastly fully extended with the lights flipped over. Nice approach!

Designer: Nathan Kaw

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    • Ooh, I like this. Higher light is better light. Walking single-file, this can light the way for a number of people.

      Just a couple of minor things.
      – Directional reflectors for individual LEDs will keep the light out of your eyes.
      – If you could also have two legs to swing out to make a tripod, then this would make a great table lamp. In fact, if this also had a wall plug for recharging, then this would be a great desk lamp which would be available for travel.

      Note that LEDs are pretty small, so it would be nice to keep this as thin as possible for looks as well as being able to fit in your hand/bag/wherever.

      Good work.

    • Nathan says:

      Thanks for the comments I do agree that with the use of LEDs the design could be much much thinner.

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