The Keyboards And Coasters Story

The first thing that I added to my workstation, when I became a serious online writer, was a set of coasters. Coffee mugs, water bottle and last minute sandwich plates have a knack of leaving a stain and messing up a perfectly clean table-top. Hence to maintain the sanctity of my sacred space, a coaster became a must. If you are as finicky about keeping your desk as spotless as me, then the Keyboard Coasters is a quirky solution that I recommend. Perhaps it’s that geek-quotient of keyboard design that is striking, nevertheless, it’s worth a try.

Package includes a set of 4 coasters: 2 black coasters and 2 white coasters

Designer: Yujin Ono [ Available @ YD Store for $20 ]

Keyboard Coasters by Yujin Ono are available @ YD Store for $20

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