Yves Behar designed an electric truck with a Mini Cooper’s footprint and the practicality of Toyota Tacoma

The wait for Cybertruck is getting agonizingly long, as every other week there’s ignited hope of the Tesla’s electric pick-up truck arriving anytime soon. This is the perfect opportunity for other automotive manufacturers to cash in on the electric pick-up truck hype train.

Most certainly California-based startup wants to give prospective buyers a value-for-money proposition with its offering. Meet the TELO pick-up truck designed for urban riders, bringing in the capabilities of a full-sized pick-up in a very compact size.

Designer: Yves Béhar and TELO

In essence, it’s a smaller version of the likes of Rivian R1T. The team over at TELO reckons the truck is as compact as the Mini Copper but brings in the capability of the Toyota Tacoma. Stash this 152-inch truck against the beefy 231-inch Cybertruck and you already know which one is more suited for the crowded city streets.

So, we are talking of a powerful four-wheeler driven by an electric powertrain churning out 380kW (500hp) for an acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds and a top speed of 125mph. The company is promising a range of 350 miles on a single full charge from the 106kWh battery with fast charging capabilities – going from 20 to 80 percent in just 20 minutes. It can haul five people on treacherous terrain and still have room for a five-foot bed to carry essentials.

TELO weighs 4,400 in total and is made for urban riders who live an active lifestyle venturing out of the city limits. Yves Béhar of Fuseproject has strategically designed the sloping nose section to decrease the front profile without sacrificing interior space and shifting the placement of the battery packs in the chassis. Thereby resulting in a four-door truck with a generous cabin and a 60-inch bed. The latter has a mid-partition that can be folded down to increase the space for hauling big cargo like sheets of plywood or surfboards.

On the inside, one seat can be retracted to make more space for storing smaller items. Another option is to convert the vehicle into a hard-top SUV to accommodate up to eight people by adding another row of seats. The EV truck can haul a maximum of 1600 pounds in its bed or tow a load of 6,600 pounds. It has a road clearance of 27 inches and can be fitted with 27-inch all-terrain tires. This makes TELO a perfect accomplice for any extended off-road adventure.

TELO truck is up for pre-order for $152 (fully refundable) with a total price tag of $44,999 (excluding tax credits). The first batch of 500 vehicles promised for 2025 delivery will be hand-built, followed by mass delivery in 2026.