The Five Wheels Suitcase

Traveling with two bags that weighed almost 25 kilos each, I ended up straining my arms so bad that I nursed sore muscles days after my arrival back home! First off, don’t judge – I’m a shopping freak, and secondly, damn you get affordable stuff in China! Oh well, it’s about time Samsonite or someone looked into this “Balance Wheel Carrier” design and see if we can really have an additional wheel added to the design– just to make dragging suitcases an easy job. Do tell!

Designers: Sung Ha Lim and Hee Kyung Oh

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Interesting post, Radhika.
    Here’s why I think their design in its current form may not fly.
    Firstly, a single wheel guiding a suitcase has an easy tendency to get caught in uneven or unpaved surfaces easily, and taking a real pounding (since its just one wheel on a swivel arm). It’s why autorickshaws, while driving through a potholed road, do their best to avoid the front wheel getting into a ditch, even if the rear wheels end up tackling a lot of potholes. There’s an high tendency to lose control if your ‘single’ front wheel gets stuck somewhere. People could fall too (with the suitcase, i.e.).

    Secondly, a freely moving shock-absorbing arm won’t relieve the user of the burden. It would firstly need to open the other way around (not top to bottom, but from bottom, moving upward). And even with that, it’ll need locking positions at regular intervals (like the ones in the backrest of a car seat) to suit a variety of combinations of bag weight ranges and user height ranges.
    A better way of doing it would be building the arm to swing from bottom to up, instead of the other way around, and put in the locking positions. Here’s a rough sketch of it (
    What they need to figure is how the user can manually adjust the amount of tilt. After a position is selected, the arm will lock, and there will be some shock-absorbing while the assembly stays in that locked position. But still consider the above problem with the single leading wheel.

  • Lion says:

    I lardant propose to yanko to oublis ha similarité protect of suitcase with your improve ment to yanko but then didn’t publish it

  • nic says:

    Nice effort but:
    1. Shrutin is right
    2. Reduced inner volume
    3. Added weight

  • Jorge says:

    The wheel would obstruct my walking by constantly hitting the back of my foot. NOT to mention that it’s going to eat away on most of my luggage space!!

  • Jorge says:

    Shrutin is absolutely right… No doubt!

  • Alexei says:

    Personal opinion being added here. A curved, almost elliptical suitcase is an absolute no-no for me. Big waste of space at the corners.

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