Our First Show and We’ve Got Prizes!

Surprise! We’re now coming to you in a series of web videos hosted by yours truly and the amazing Troy Turner. What was supposed to be a live show ended up being pre-recorded because of technical difficulties. Good thing too because there were about 101 f*cks-ups along the way. How the hell does Oprah do it?!? I think it turned out pretty well. Be gentle and hit the jump!

We announced exciting news about a Red Dot exclusive partnership and revealed a secret project. Oooo! In between, we discussed all things design; Karim Rashid, the recent Geneva Auto Show and the incredible Jawbone Jambox. In our bid to become the next Oprah, we even had a give-a-way and EVERYBODY GETS ONE!

No, we’re totally kidding but you know we would if we could. However, we are giving away a Kor Water Bottle and Ziiiro Watch to one lucky viewer who sends in the best name for our show. We’ll announce the winner on our next show. Send your suggests to long.tran (at) yankodesign.com with the subject heading SHOW NAMES.

Episode 1: Huge Thanks to Herman Miller


  • Yes it is your first show.

  • Daniel says:

    Lovin' the casual vibe. And seriously, Troy, could you be any hotter? WTF, man?!

  • Congratulations, how exciting…..! I'm putting my thinking cap on for a good name for the show.

  • LPDV says:

    Yay, first show! Congrats!
    I liked the product review element in the show :-)!

  • Jolan Moebus says:


  • You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!

  • Alexander Eissing says:

    Awesome, a video blog is what the site was missing! Incorporate more product images and videos. I would also like to hear more facts and technical details over opinion. Casual is cool but don't make it too goofy. Very cool for the first show, congrats!

  • Alexander Eissing says:

    Just call it YD Show

  • Matt Smith says:

    The show was pretty good. Long as heck but I watched it all because I'm a huge fan of design and YD! I liked the fact that you guys demoed the bluetooth speaker. That is what I would focus on for the most part, and information about what YD is up to.
    Cant wait for Ckie!

  • LudeDesign says:

    Very cool, something I will follow for sure, like your blog. Congrats. :)
    Very excited with Ckie!
    Keep testing products, I think its the best part and keep the fun and humor coments, I think its the best way to get half hour without being boring.


  • Jolan says:

    …hey guys, when will we see episode 2!? can't wait for the announcement for the new name…

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