30 Days of Simple, Win simplehuman Products!

There’s design and then there’s smart design. simplehuman falls into the latter. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I decided my daily menial tasks could be more efficient simply by getting “simple.” When objects take up too much space and design isn’t used to improve one’s quality of life, you end up with stressors. simplehuman “gets” it and they’ve launched a new campaign where all of you can get it too – 30 Days of Simple.

It’s an interactive and fun giveaway created to engage you with simplehuman products and have the chance to win prizes! Just watch any of the videos and submit your email address to be eligible. Every day, beginning April 1, someone will win. Don’t sleep on this people. Bookmark the site and tell your friends. Personally I want to win the Sensor Can below.

Learn & Win: 30 days of simple


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  • Toddrick says:

    I remember reading about SimpleHuman some years ago. The article talked about the company's design philosophy and such. It was just starting out and I thought now there is a place I would want to work. I never followed through because its location wasn't commutable and I didn't want to move. I am really happy I never applied there because I have been quite disappointed with almost every product of theirs that I have come across. Certainly better than crap but mostly middle-of-the-road/common quality products. Nothing I'd want in my home. Compare the quality of their products to Vipp.

  • Ayaka Nisshi says:

    Interesting one. i like this one. keep on posting such type of articles indeed it helps a lot.

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