Earos provides a convenient padding to your ear when you use it with your mobile phone. It fastens to any phone and even doubles up as display stand, when used in reverse position. A convenient fastener hooks it up to most phone models. It rotates on two axes, so that the ear pad can be repositioned in a jiffy, allowing access to the display. Its looks to be a comfortable addition to the phone, especially if you are the sorts to talk on it for long. Ears really tend to heat up fast, and Earos can be a good barrier!

Key Features

  • Earos maintains a comfortable separation between the ear and the phone unit, which can emit an uncomfortable amount of heat after prolonged use.
  • In cooler climates, earos shields the ear from wind and cold, extending the phone’s accessibility.
  • Earos-equipped phones incur fewer scratches, protected by the signature padding.
  • In reverse position, the earos pad acts as a display stand on flat surfaces, tilting the phone toward the user.

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Designer: Robert Potter

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