Multifunctional and Dynamic Curv

The Curv is the space saving, environmentally friendly solution for the 21st century home. The changes in housing market, particularly the reduction in the size of living accommodation, has seen a growing need for adaptable, space saving, multi-functional furniture. Inspired from the space-age furniture styling of the 1960’s, the Curv is a modern adaptation that fulfils the needs of today’s society.

The Curv’s elegance stems from the simplistic concept of providing two types of furniture from an integral item. When orientated horizontally, the Curv provides the user with a stylish table complete with a chair, perfect to use as either a work desk or dining table. With just with one effortless movement to position the product vertically, the Curv transforms into a comfortable chair with a side table; perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work.
Designer: Tiffany Roddis