An iPhone Dock and So Much More

When it comes to iPhone accessories, the Lumawake breaks expectations, blowing other dock designs out of the water both aesthetically and functionally! Why functionally? Well, to say it charges just barely scratches the surface – it also tracks sleeping patterns, integrates with home theaters, has an open API for developers to develop compatible software, and waaaay more! Hit the jump to see all the specs!


Tracking & Reporting– Monitors and reports sleep patterns daily, allowing people to adjust their daily schedules to optimize restorative sleep.

Simulated Sunrise – Multicolor LED lighting gradually illuminates beginning at the preset wake window. Light falling on the eyes before a wake event has been proven to increase energy hormones preparing the body to wake naturally.

Smart Wake Technology – Using motion sensors and a complex algorithm, Lumawake was designed to wake users at the optimal time in their sleep cycle, helping to wake you feeling refreshed and energized.

Non-Contact – Unlike competitors, Lumawake does not require you to leave your phone on the bed or wear headbands or wristbands.

Easy of Use – Lights up as you approach so you never have to fumble for the charger in the dark. One handed docking, works with any generation iPhone and with any case.

Home Automation System Integration – Seamlessly integrated with home automation systems like Belkin’s WebMo and SmartThings to do things like automatically turn the lights and television off after you’ve fallen asleep, then open blinds and brew coffee the moment you wake up.

Fully Customizable – Users can easily create custom notifications using the LEDs and can change setting and/or turn off any features they wish using the free app.  

Compatibility across all generation iPhone’s and iPod Touches is achieved through swappable modules making upgrades painless

Open API – Developers can create apps with Lumawake hardware: Microprocessor, Motion sensors, Multicolor LED’s

Designer: Lumawake