Still Haven’t Found the Big Dipper

There are a great many lights and chandeliers out there that emulate an explosion of light through glass and lines of refraction.  The Constellation Chandelier from Studio 1 Thousand however, accomplishes this feat through the simple use of LED’s and bent copper stems that array downward from a wrapped base.  Upon closer inspection, the clamps securing the LED clusters might even bring to mind Ingo Mauer’s Zettelz lamps, although this is anything but derivative.

From a tech standpoint, the chandelier uses 91 separate arms, each having 4 energy efficient LED’s attached, something which makes the prospect of owning a chandelier in the first place, more palatable.  <UPDATE> The studio is apparently trying to bring this piece into production, so please email the studio if you’ve an interest in purchasing.

Designer: Studio 1 Thousand


  • Chris says:

    …. So pretty….

  • zippyflounder says:

    reminds me so much of the fiber optic lights that radio shack (and many others) sold back in the 80’s, they were handfulls of monofilliment (fishing line) jammed into a base that had a light. they were kinda cool, the tip’s each emmited light (hundreds of them) and would wave in the wind. My question then is how is this better than that was?

    • Long Tran says:

      Zippy those monofilament lights were pure novelty. They only emitted enough light to cast an eerie glow.

      This lamp has a cluster of LEDs at the end of each cable. Huge difference IMO

      • zippyflounder says:

        yes the mass merchant ones were, but the use of fiber optics for light transmission is also used commercialy. I see no real advantage here. I also question the build quality, thats a whole lot of little solder joints to snap. I guess at the core its one of thoes “i could build that in a eveing” things that dont really impress me.

        • JG says:

          I suppose I have a personal bias because I know the designer, but that lamp CANNOT be built in an evening (for starters, who can solder nearly 400 LEDs in a night). Each of those “strands” is a custom bent piece of copper strategically placed to disperse the light evenly. Yes, fiber optics have improved since the 80s but those strings of mono filament provided light to be looked at, not light to actually illuminate a space. Your concerns about the soldering breaking could be a valid point, except that having exposed solder points could not live up to any code (having them covered or hidden would remove that risk) and furthermore, who goes around playing with their chandeliers like that anyway? This is not the size of a toy you hold in your hand, its large enough to hang over a dining table comfortably.

          • zippyflounder says:

            400 in a evening, no sweat, set up a simple jig to hold the leds and get busy (gang 4 in chain, solder, when done attach to arms). The ‘custom bent wire” please, I have been building stuff like this (and way more complex) for over 30 years….

          • iSH says:

            Zippy its the same concept as those monofilament lights but a more sophisticated version.

  • anna says:

    Did you put the chandelier into production?
    What’s the price of it? I could use it for one client, depending upon its price.
    Thank you

  • brittany says:

    Copy of the Droog chandelier ALERT !!!

  • cooleea says:

    I wonder what the wattage is. My guess is its more than 150W (91 x 4 x .5W). Not exactly energy efficient. LEDs lumens per watt will decrease if they get too hot (no heat sink) and their lifespan will be shorter.

  • honey weber says:

    From a dilettante’s point of view ? Lovely ,lovely.
    Can you dim or increase the light ? The more “fairy tale” the better. Is it energy efficient? Also I would prefer a more contained look to all the seperate cords ie a pipe or tube.

  • anita says:

    I definetly interested in purchasing this chandelier, however I need the mesurements

  • anita Reedy says:

    This is Anita again, I am still waiting for yur response about the measurements, you only give measurements of 18" and 26" is this diameter of height?

  • anita Reedy says:

    This is Anita again, I am still waiting for yur response about the measurements, you only give measurements of 18″ and 26″ is this diameter of height?

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