With the Fences Down It Could be Anywhere!

When surround sound started to be pushed by home audio companies, the movie they used to push it with was Jurrasic Park. Hearing the T-Rex roar from all directions was the most excellent experience I’d ever had at a department store, and to my ears, it really did surround the room. But our ears have become more sophisticated in the short time between then and now, and Simon Denzel’s “Mono” is bringing us closer to real professional home surround sound.

A word from the designer of the Mono, Simon Denzel: “‘mono’ – (jap.: object, thing) stereo/mono – this corner mounted satellite speaker emits sound in diametrical directions for better surround sound performance. The design of this mid range speaker is intended to eliminate unwanted reflections and interferences.”

Advance to audio from all directions! With advancements in both the filming and creation of films along with the production of new dvds, certainly the equipment that plays them will have to move on up as well. Simon Denzel’s example here is only one of many new methods for translating audio from reality to recorder, recorder to transmitter, transmitter to reality again. The closer we get to real surround from real surround, the closer we can get to real terror and real excitement, not to mention real entertainment.

P.S. The real quote from the original blockbuster is “I think it’s ahead of us.” “It could be anywhere. With the fences out, it can go in and out of any paddock it likes!”

Designer: Simon Denzel