The Doorknob Signal

We’ve seen it before, the universal sign of “I have company, go away” signal. Often taking form as a tie around a doorknob or the potted plant flipped over. There’s got to be a more high-tech way. The Doorknob Condition uses an innovated pulley system that makes the knob on the exterior recess inwards when pulled from the inside. Without a knob to use, there’s no way to get it. Sure it could be great for security but who are we kidding? We know exactly how a doorknob like this would be used. Too bad it doesn’t have a little timer to indicate when to come back.

Designer: Arnaud Lapierre


  • NotSmall says:

    I would like one Because the government does’t like them.

  • Mae says:

    Is there any keycard or some kind ??? What if the door accidentally closed? Would you be able to get in?

  • Kara says:

    I could be incorrect of course, but judging by the hole near the base, there is a key unlock of some sort?

  • kelly says:

    It’s an remarkable paragraph designed for all the online people; they will take benefit from it I am

  • Susan says:

    I want one.

  • Aaron says:

    Are you a firefighter? They are trained to open doors that have locked deadbolts. I know this because both my parents were firefighters for a number of years. They also have specialized tools for the express purpose. I’d be more worried about how you would replace the broken door than about the firefighters protecting you.

    Perhaps you are merely looking to complain about things that are clearly awesome? Maybe you’re complaining because you prefer the ‘good old fashioned doorknobs’. Relax… they aren’t going anywhere for at least 30 years due to people like you. On the other hand, yes, compliance with regulations is very important for widespread adoption.

  • rkusM says:

    Response to Drew:
    If the fire department needs in, a door handle or lack thereof would not pose an issue.
    That is why they have axes and rams. Your comment is the same as saying the FD takes exception to locks and deadbolts.
    I think the design is clever. Hotels and comercial apps would need some sort of override key, just like any other *locked* door, I wonder if that is the intent of the slot?

    Nice work I would be interested in this product if it ever made it to prod.

  • sarrel says:

    I completely agree. If it was the middle of the night and the house was locked up for the night, deadbolt and other locking mechanisms in place, and the house caught on fire, the deadbolt would not prevent the fire department from getting in. It’s just another more advanced lock, and the fire department has no problem getting through normal locks without a key, so this would not pose a problem either.

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