The Less is More Wallet


Nobody wants a big, bulky wallet but the more minimal you go… the less room you have for the stuff you need, right?! Introducing, the Balanst Premium Wallet, a super-slim yet highly functional wallet that even has RFID protection! Made of 7000 Series aluminum, it’s precisely machined to incorporate all the functionalities and aesthetic minimalism of a modern man’s wallet. The most striking feature of the wallet is its smooth swipe-open top. Just a smooth flick of the thumb on the top, and this automatically lifts the six credit cards out of the back compartment. This also gives you access to the front compartment where you can store up to five paper currency ánd small loose items such as spare change, a memory card or a key. Now, you don’t have to store your cash and small loose items between the cards!

Designer: Balanst