10 Best LEGO Pop Culture Sets For Collectors

If you are a lover of pop culture, and your personal space is adorned with Pokémon, Star Wars, Marvel, or Mario-themed products and devices, then, well you’re at the right spot. Because we’re gonna take it up a notch for you and introduce you to some pop-culture-based LEGO builds. We’ve curated some of our favorite pop culture LEGO builds for you to try building by yourself! From a LEGO version of the Brooklyn 99 show to a LEGO variant of Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat – these LEGO builds are complete collector’s items for pop culture lovers.

1. LEGO Downton Abbey Set

LEGO builder BRO3 created a dedicated LEGO set for the historical drama series Downton Abbey to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary. The LEGO Ideas Downton Abbey set is extremely detailed, featuring the old Highclere Castle, as well as the expansive Crawley family including the butlers and the castle caretakers who make up the main cast of the show. The built has been designed with incredible attention to detail, and it includes multiple rooms, and at least 15 minifigures – 16 if you count the dog Pharaoh. It even includes Lady Mary’s bench!

2. LEGO Godzilla

Created by the LEGO builder Matthew Esposito, the LEGO version of Godzilla is the first LEGO Godzilla, despite almost ten or more movies coming out. The LEGO build is a small-scale variant of the city-destroying reptile, and it is inspired by the ‘King of Monsters’ Godzilla’ (from the 2019 movie). The Godzilla is only a few inches tall, featuring a hefty body and long tail. It can even blow blue flames in all directions.

3. LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

LEGO builder Teljesnegyzet created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a LEGO-based action figure set. The LEGO Ideas TMNT kit accurately represents the four turtles in their superhero garb. The set includes turtles in their four colored bandanas and bands, with their own weapons of choice. The turtles have a belt with their initials labeled on the buckle, and they have been color-matched to their originals, and display four shades of green.

4. Sorting Hat

The LEGO Group has launched another cool Harry Potter-based build – meet the LEGO version of the Sorting Hat! It is a dedicated LEGO variant that includes a hidden sound box that emits loud and randomized phrases in English, which we’ve all surely heard before. The hat is 9.5 inches tall, and 7.5 diameters in length, and you can showcase it proudly on a stand with Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw house symbols on it.

5. LEGO Barad-dûr

The new LEGO set- themed on Barad-dûr, Sauron’s iconic stronghold is a must-have for the Lord of the Rings fans. It is a build consisting of 5471 pieces and is topped with the Eye of Sauron, which is the disembodied eye that overlooks his evil domain. It includes four main sections – a prison, an armory, a throne room, and a kitchen. Users can also get a complementary 269-piece Fell beast set, with wings for the flying creature and the Nazul Minifigure.

6. LEGO Portal 2 Gun

The gun from Portal 2 doesn’t exist in real life, but Hooded-Blaze built this gun to be a perfect replica of the cyberpunk quantum gadget from the game. The Portal 2 Quantum Tunneling Device is built entirely from LEGO bricks and includes its own stand. It also has the ability to alternate between shooting orange or blue tunnels, much like the game. How cool is this build?!

7. LEGO Kung Fu Panda

A LEGO Kung Fu Panda from the first movie in the franchise was submitted to the LEGO Ideas Forum. The super cute Po is equipped with a dragon scroll and a bowl of noodles, and he performs the epic Wixu Finger Hold as well! The brick panda is equipped with a completely positionable body with movable hands, legs, head, fingers, and even eyebrows! Po also has a jiggling belly that bounces if you touch it.

8. The LEGO® Ideas 21348 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale

LEGO has finally combined with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS to mark DND’s 50th anniversary, creating The LEGO® Ideas 21348 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale. It is a 3745-piece playable box set designed by LEGO-builder Lucas Bolt and was initially submitted to LEGO’s Ideas forum, where LEGO’s internal team selected it and converted it into this stunning set, featuring a tavern, mysterious dungeon, and a tall wizard’s tower. It also includes a massive Cinderhowl, a menacing red dragon as well.

9. LEGO Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 will always be hands down my favorite TV show ever, so when LEGO builder Ben Fakhauser created an adorable build for it, I was super excited. The LEGO creation includes the entire 99th precinct – all the rooms and characters as well! The precise and intricate build contains everything – from the bullpen to the captain’s office, even the printer room! Important aspects of the precinct floors were incorporated, and even secret details like Holt’s pet corgi Cheddar were recreated too!

10. LEGO Seven Dwarf’s Cottage

Say hello to this cute LEGO version of the Seven Dwarf’s Cottage from the iconic Disney movie – Snow White. The fascinating build is made using 2228 pieces, and 10 mini figurines. The build is created with a lot of attention to detail and reminds you of all the interesting and lovely bits of the table. The set also features Snow White’s glass coffin, the Evil Queen with the forbidden red apple, the Prince, and the Seven Dwarfs.