LEGO unveils 3,745-brick Dungeons & Dragons Set for the game’s 50th Anniversary

If you personally asked me, LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons are a match made in heaven – both have existed for decades, are infinitely customizable, and have a highly loyal and dedicated user base that’s constantly helping the artform evolve and expand. It took nearly half a century, but the two have finally come together in a glorious collaboration, marking DND’s 50th anniversary. The LEGO® Ideas 21348 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale is a stunning 3,745-piece playable box-set, designed by LEGO-builder Lucas Bolt and submitted to LEGO’s Ideas forum, where it was picked up by LEGO’s internal team and realized into a box-set. It features a bustling tavern, a mysterious dungeon, and a towering wizard’s tower – all begging to be explored. But the real star of the show is the gigantic Cinderhowl, a fearsome red dragon that builders can pose and wrap around the tower, recreating countless heart-pounding encounters.

Designer: Lucas Bolt for LEGO

“LEGO bricks and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS have been used by fans to generate stories and build adventures for so long that bringing these two creative brands together during our 50th Anniversary felt like a no-brainer,” said Dan Rawson, Global Play Lead on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and RPGs.

This set captures the essence of the Dungeons & Dragons experience marvelously. Included are six minifigures – a brave party of adventurers ready to face any challenge. From the stoic Dwarf Cleric to the nimble Orc Rogue, each character embodies the diverse and fantastical world of D&D. To add to the atmosphere, the set also features iconic monsters like the mind-flaying Beholder and the ferocious Owlbear, making every build a thrilling adventure.

The LEGO Ideas team also partnered with Wizards of the Coast (a Hasbro subsidiary specializing in building role-playing, trading card, and digital games for all genres of players) to create a custom Dungeons & Dragons adventure specifically designed for the Red Dragon’s Tale set. This unique story adds a whole new layer of play, allowing fans to weave their own tales and relive epic D&D campaigns brick by brick.

“The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS theme combined with my love of history, fantasy, and making games, inspired me to create a playable layout with different challenges and routes to explore. I had so much fun designing this piece, and it is a real privilege seeing my design developed into a detailed LEGO set to celebrate 50 years of the iconic game”, said Lucas, referencing his combined love for DND and LEGO bricks.

Whether you’re a seasoned Dungeons & Dragons player or simply a LEGO aficionado, the Red Dragon’s Tale set celebrates creativity and a collaborative spirit. Build the game together with your friends before spending the next couple of hours playing the game. It’s an experience that’s highly rewarding, and while most LEGO sets are designed to be assembled and then just preserved as is, this particular set actually encourages constant tinkering, rebuilding, expanding, and hands-on gameplay! So gather your party, sharpen your axe, and get ready to embark on a legendary quest! And if you’re in Amsterdam or Milan on the 6th or 12th of April respectively, LEGO is also hosting a meet-and-greet where you can get your copy of the Red Dragon’s Tale signed by designer Lucas Bolt himself!