LEGO Downton Abbey Set comes with detailed Minifigure cast and replica of Highclere Castle

Just in time to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary next year, LEGO builder BRO3 decided to pay homage to historical drama series Downton Abbey with a dedicated LEGO set. The LEGO Ideas Downton Abbey set comes with an incredibly detailed build of the old Highclere Castle, along with all its occupants from the vast Crawley family to the butlers and castle caretakers who make up the cast of the show. The detailed model comes with multiple rooms, up to 15 minifigures (16 if you include the dog Pharoah), and even Lady Mary’s bench – an iconic part of the series!

Designer: BRO3

Although LEGO builder BRO3 doesn’t mention how many bricks make up the Highclere castle, it’s an impressively detailed piece of work, capturing the Jacobean architectural style that made its appearance during the Victorian periods. The castle exists even today, although the series depicts a fictional setup featuring the influential Crawley family. The front facade is remarkably intricate, with the grand entrance that opens to let the characters in.

Flip the castle over and you’re treated to 5 main rooms and 6 mini rooms that your characters can sit in. The main rooms include the Dining room, Kitchen, Lady Mary’s room, Guest room, and the Servants’ quarters. The smaller rooms located in the towers include Carson’s office, along with 5 other empty rooms that you can use to store minifigures that aren’t in use.

The 15 minifigures include the usual suspects of the series, from the 7 members of the Crawley family and Tom Branson (Lady Sybil’s husband), to the 7 staff members of the castle, including butlers, cooks, housekeepers, and the valet.

Lady Mary’s bench also gets its own mini build, paying tribute to the bench that has been a staple to many conversations, sage pieces of advice, and even brewing relationships! “I wanted to breathe the spirit of the place into the model, so I chose a heart-shaped plate and decorative bench handles,” says BRO3.

The LEGO Downton Abbey set is currently a fan-made submission on the LEGO Ideas website – a forum for LEGO builders to create their own unique builds and vote for their favorites. With 2,000 supporters, this MOC (My Own Creation) is slowly picking up traction, and if it hits the coveted 10,000 vote mark, LEGO’s internal team will review it with the possibility of also turning it into a box set! If you want to own your own replica of Highclere Castle and its residents, vote for the submission on the LEGO Ideas website here!