Cute modular robot is designed to keep your pets happy and fed

Robots are slowly but surely invading our homes, but most of them come in the form of cleaners or toys for our amusement. We might not be the only intelligent lifeforms in the house, however, and the small members of our family also deserve their due, especially when we have to leave them alone for the day. Smart home security cameras are fine if you just want to watch or talk to your pets while you’re away, but that still leaves your furry friends to their own devices. And you still have to figure out ways to get them fed on time and with the right amount without having to call in favors. Unlike others of its kind, this rolling robot is made specifically for your cats or dogs (or both) to keep them entertained, healthy, fed, and even comforted when you’re not at home.

Designer: Enabot

Parents warn their kids that raising pets isn’t an easy job, but even grownups have a difficult time considering their own busy schedules. It isn’t enough to just keep them well-fed either, as pets need to be interacted with, talked to, and entertained for both their physical as well as mental health. The Enabot ROLA PetPal robot tries to take a load off your shoulders, especially when you’re not around to give what your pets need, and you can change what it does simply by switching out the load it carries on its back.

Unlike Enabot’s ball-like smart home robots for humans, the ROLA PetPal looks a bit more like the popular disc-shaped robot vacuum cleaners in the market, except it has two large wheels on its side and a discernible “face” on its front. The rolling robot alone can already be a source of curiosity for pets, but its real value comes from its modular design. It can switch from providing entertainment and even exercise to providing nourishment just by switching between the Interactive Toys module or the Treat Dispenser module.

As the name suggests, Interactive Toys keep your furry friends preoccupied with a playful stick, laser games, or rolling balls. The more interesting module, however, is the Treat Dispenser which uses AI to identify your pet’s face and drop the small treats in its wake when it’s time for food. It can also capture all these moments while your pets play or eat and send you photos or video clips for posterity’s sake.

More than just standing in for you when you’re away, the Enabot ROLA PetPal also tries to deepen your relationship with your pets in absentia. Not only can you talk to your pets remotely, you can also train them to put their paw on a specific part of the robot to send a “Hello” message to your phone. And, of course, the robot’s 5MP 2.5K camera “eye” not only keeps an eye on your pet but also makes sure you’ll never miss a precious moment when you’re not around. It’s not easy being a furry parent, but the cute robot helps lighten up the load and care for your pets in a unique and advanced way.