A luxurious range of handmade pet accessories that fuses functionality with style!

Just hearing the words ‘Pet Accessories’ sends a shiver up my spine, but…a collection of luxurious and super stylish pet accessories, ‘designed to elevate ordinary moments’ for our furry companions and us, has got my arms covered in goosebumps! And that’s exactly what Seattle-based brand Boo Oh promises to give us. Minimalistic, sophisticated, and created from the most exquisite materials, the entire collection is handmade. The brand name ‘Boo Oh’ is an amalgamation of the founder’s name Jay Sae Jung Oh and the name of her French bulldog Boo. Disappointed by the lack of variety in the pet accessories that could be found in the market, she created Boo Oh in an attempt to combine comfort with attractive aesthetics.

Designer: Jay Sae Jung Oh of Boo Oh

First in line is my absolute favorite, the 100% handmade ‘Ray Harness’. Though it is patent-pending, the Ray Harness is a utility design that merges a leash and a harness to create one exceptional product. Crafted from a single piece of padded interwoven synthetic silk fiber rope and a series of Buttero leather features, the process of attaching and detaching the harness onto your pet brings to mind all the times you may have opened and closed a rucksack or knapsack! Available in a variety of picture-perfect colors such as Brilliant Pink, Elegant Gray, Pacific Blue, and Emerald Green, the Ray Harness is the one accessory that will ensure the comfort of your pet, as well as total ease when you have to handle their restless little souls! Did we mention it’s super chic as well?

Up next we have the ‘Lumi Leash and Collar Set’! Their signature design consists of a handle created from anodized aluminum, with a beautiful satiny sheen. Trailing behind the handle is an Italian Buttero vegetable-dyed leather strap, handcrafted to utter perfection. Available in color combinations of Gold and Black, and Silver and Tan, the Lumi set is perfect for when you want to take your furry friend for a stroll in style!

Last but not least is the Toto Bag, whose concept is so brilliant, I wonder where it’s been throughout our pet owner lives! The Toto Bag attaches itself perfectly onto the Lumi Leash and the Ray Harness. Featuring a crisp rectangular shape, the Toto Bag has been constructed from a single piece of fine-grain leather. Designed to store waste bags, you can also integrate various Toto Bags onto the leash to easily carry treats, your phone, keys, earphones, etc. The Toto Bag ensures you never forget the waste bags back at home because let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  Available in an ensemble of classic colors, you can mix and match the bags with the leash and harness! A trendy bag that could function as a purse for you and your pet? Pretty cool, I must say!