Cooler Master MasterHUB modular control system adjusts to creators’ workflows

Content creation these days looks so simple the way influencers like to show off in behind-the-scenes videos, but the reality is that they can be overwhelmingly complex as the content they create, especially as they level up their craft. While it’s definitely possible to stick to the tried and true keyboard, mouse, or drawing tablet, the demands of today’s creators and their audiences call for better tools that help make their lives easier. That said, no two artists or designers are alike, and they work in different ways with different techniques, tools, and processes. Most gadgets and devices try to force users to a specific way of working, but this modular stream kit lets you decide not only the specific controls that you need but even the layout that you want.

Designer: Cooler Master

As the name implies, stream kits were originally designed for live streamers as they usually need to access some functions quickly without having to perform finger calisthenics over their keyboard. Over time, however, the flexibility of these programmable buttons with tiny LCD displays has become a favored tool by many content creators, from designers to artists to video editors to general enthusiasts. The MasterHUB comes from this lineage but has one special power that very few have: it can change its shape to adapt to your needs, workflow, or even your whim!

The MasterHUB’s foundation is a base where you can mix and match modules that each deliver a different kind of control. The most common of these is the App Control with 15 programmable keys, each with a customizable display, that can be used to trigger an action or launch an app. Another module is the Encoder which is a large dial with an integrated circular LCD display that can be used for something like scrubbing through audio and video timelines. A Knob Module has three knobs that can be mapped to changing brush sizes, undoing and redoing steps, and similar actions. Completing the set is a Fader Precision module with five sliders and a Roller Scroll Module with two rolling bars.

This modular system allows creators to define the layout out of their control center. They can even set it up vertically instead of the conventional horizontal layout, and you can pretty much change the combination on a whim, presuming you’re prepared to do the work of setting up the configuration again. Such a flexible control hub will also benefit even computer users who don’t create content, like gamers and power users that need more knobs and buttons than their keyboard can provide. Availability details for this powerful creativity tool, unfortunately, are still unavailable at the moment.