Don’t Waste Time Tracking your Time

The timesheet. Ah… the bane of every office-goer’s existence. Having to fill up logs showing how much time you devoted to each activity of the day. I remember having to time my lunches too. It was awful! Especially having to remember to start and stop timers every time I changed activities. At the end of the day, putting those entries into the timesheet software would take up almost half an hour of my time every day.

This frustration pushed Joan to create the ultimate time keeping experience. The Tiller is an innocuous little device that sits near your mouse. Looking no bigger than a hockey puck, this product makes time keeping a tactile and much more efficient experience. The very idea that Tiller is a product that sits on your desk (and not a software that can be minimized and forgotten) makes it constantly remind you to efficiently keep tabs on the work you’re doing and the time you spend doing it.

The Tiller comes with a single disc-shaped touch surface that acts as a jog-dial too. In the center lies one sole notification light to let you know when Tiller is timing your activities. Designed with an experience that is all too familiar after having used iPods for over a decade, the jog-dial on the Tiller allows you to swiftly cycle through activities and clients, while simply tapping on the surface starts and stops tracking. At the end of the day, Tiller compiles all your activities and has them stored on your time-tracking software. Tiller works seamlessly with the industry’s leading timekeeping software like Toggl, Harvest, WorkflowMax, and AND CO. They plan to add more to this list!

Tiller, like all your premium office products, comes in machined aluminum with an anodized matte finish that you’ll immediately associate with your MacBook or any other laptop. Tiller comes in Black, Silver, and Slate Gray variants that compliment your other office accessories beautifully. They even have a bright Orange variant for people who are familiar with the Pomodoro time-keeping techniques!

Designer: Joan

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Here’s How Tiller Works

1. Start & Stop: Tap Tiller to instantly start or stop a timer.


2. Switch: Turn Tiller to switch between clients, projects or tasks.


3. Quick Insights: You can double tap on any item to see analytics, budgets information, and more.





Available in four gorgeous finishes.

Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $130.00