Logitech Keys-to-Go 2 portable keyboard hides a few gems in its slim body

Phones and tablets are made for touch, whether that’s swiping through social media or typing messages. The latter, however, has become more complicated thanks to more powerful devices and more sophisticated activities. Typing up an email, posting on social, or even writing a novel on the go would require not only a keyboard but one that you can bring with you anywhere. Logitech has a wide variety of portable keyboards available, but it seems to have really gone out with its latest design. Combining powerful features, a slim body, and sustainable design, the new Keys-to-Go 2 aims to go where no mobile keyboard has gone before.

Designer: Logitech

There are plenty of portable keyboards in the market today promising comfort and portability, but many of them end up sacrificing one for the other. Foldable keyboards, in particular, are notorious for really being compact when not in use, but their ergonomics and accuracy leave a lot to be desired. Truth be told, it’s not easy to strike a balance between these two seemingly opposing ideals, but the new Logitech Keys-to-Go 2 probably comes close with a few special features to boot. It’s still going to be more cramped than regular desktop keyboards, but its wider body provides a more comfortable spread of keys compared to the first Keys-to-Go.

Unlike most wireless keyboards, the Keys-to-Go 2 comes with a built-in cover to protect the important keys while inside your bag or when exposed to the elements. You flip it all the way to the bottom of the keyboard when you’re about to use it so you don’t have to worry about losing the cover. Unfortunately, it’s a missed opportunity to have the cover also function as a makeshift stand for phones and tablets, so you’ll have to pull out your own stand when working outdoors.

Logitech also takes a stronger sustainability stand with the Keys-to-Go 2, using as much as 36% (Pale Gray, Graphite colors) or 33% (Lilac color) post-consumer recycled plastics for this iteration, while also employing renewable energy when producing the keyboard’s aluminum bracket. Surprisingly, Logitech opted to go with replaceable coin cell batteries rather than the common built-in rechargeable type, promising to keep the keyboard running for up to three years and lower the carbon footprint from repeated charging.

Unlike its predecessor, the Keys-to-Go 2 supports pairing with up to three devices simultaneously, and switching between these three is as easy as pushing a button. Aside from the rare lilac color, the keyboard’s design is pretty typical of Logitech’s style, simple yet also pleasing to look at. At only $79.99, the Logitech Keys-to-Go 2 becomes a very tempting option that almost gets that balance between comfort, convenience, portability, and sustainability just right.