Ditch the Backpack: Alpargali’s All-Weather Jacket with 14 Pockets Has You Covered

Jackets have had a reputation for being predominantly a winter/rain garment. However, the folks at Alpargali have designed a jacket that isn’t just made to be worn all around the year, but it also has enough storage to replace your backpack or sling bag. With an all-weather design that allows you to wear the jacket anywhere you go, and a whopping 14 pockets for everything from your keys to even a laptop, the Alpargali gives you the convenience of a waterproof/windproof jacket that looks slick, and distributes all your belongings so effectively, you can carry an entire backpack worth of stuff without the bulk or shoulder-strain of a backpack.

Designer: Alpargali Design Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $289 ($140 off). Hurry, only 11/335 left! Raised over $76,000.

There are two distinct parts to the Alpargali’s design – its build, and its functionality. On the build front, the Alpargali looks like your classic outdoor windbreaker-style jacket, with a nylon exterior that keeps wind and water out. It’s simultaneously built to be durable yet comfortable – with 70D nylon on the outside and the inside that offers protection from the elements as well as gives the jacket abrasion resistance. The Alpargali also has a zip that extends upwards to become a windguard for your mouth, and an adjustable hood with clear windows on the side that let you have 180° vision on the sides. When it’s cold, the jacket’s built-in fingerless gloves keep you toasty, and when it’s hot, underarm vents let your body breathe by boosting ventilation inside the jacket. A reflective graphic on the back keeps you visible at night – pretty helpful considering the jacket’s all-black design, and built-in shoulder straps let you carry the jacket like a backpack when you don’t want to wear it.

The second, and arguably the part worth highlighting the most, is the Alpargali’s functionality. Armed with more pockets than you could imagine, the jacket doubles as storage for every single one of your belonging, practically turning them into EDC or everyday carry. It comes with pockets strategically located on both the inside as well as the outside of the garmet, giving you a place to store every conceivable thing you own, from a dedicated slot for your phone, to separate pockets for your keys, an RFID-blocking pocket for your payment cards, a tappable pocket for subway cards or access cards at work, a separate pocket for a camera, as well as another for a camera lens, a waterproof pocket for bottles or cans, and even a large pocket at the back for a tablet or even a small 13″ laptop. Overshadowing most jacket pockets by 7x, the Alpargali is basically a backpack built into a jacket. Your belongings get spaced out across your body, keeping the jacket looking slim, and you don’t feel the weight on your shoulders either.

A jacket that doubles as a backpack comes with a heavy list of responsibilities, which means there’s a high emphasis on quality. The Alpargali is made from 70D nylon, which can resist 18,000 abrasion cycles, while still being waterproof and breathable. The jacket is made from 92 panels of fabric (it’s all those pockets), assembled together using 40,000 stitches. The nylon fabric as well as the jacket’s cut offer incredible freedom of movement, so you never feel restricted. 13 waterproof YKK zippers protect you as well as your belongings, and with a moisture vapor transmission rate of 15,000g/m²/24h, the jacket’s fabric does a remarkable job of keeping water out no matter how bad the weather. It may stop water, but it lets vapor pass through, so your body’s sweat makes it out of the jacket, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Given that backpacks really don’t have a season, the Alpargali was also made to be an all-weather jacket. Of course it works well in the rain and the cold, but the jacket’s just as well suited for spring too, with underarm flaps that boost breathability and ventilation. If you ever feel like taking your jacket off in the summers, the Alpargali comes with backpack-inspired straps that let you wear the jacket on your shoulders, so you can shed the jacket in the heat while still carrying it on you.

The Alpargali Jacket starts at a discounted $149, which is quite a steal considering you’re getting a jacket AND a backpack for that amount. It comes in 5 different sizes, ranging from S to 2XL, ships worldwide, and for just $30 more, you can upgrade to the Adventure combo that includes a functional 6-pocket sling bag along with the jacket.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $289 ($140 off). Hurry, only 11/335 left! Raised over $76,000.