Snapmaker unveils a powerful all-in-one desktop device for 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC, for its 8th anniversary

To celebrate 8 years of cutting-edge devices that have helped the creative community build like never before, Snapmaker announces a Premium version of their flagship Artisan all-in-one making device. The Artisan, which debuted in 2022, is a multipurpose desktop device that laser cuts, 3D prints, and even CNC machines all thanks to a compact form factor and a brilliant modular design that lets you swap out 3D printing, CNC, and laser modules whenever you need. A whopping 400x400x400mm work area means you can create, prototype, or set up a factory line right on your table, and the Artisan Premium now features an upgraded 40W laser module that’s 4x more powerful than the one on its 2022 model. Along with this, the company is also ushering in its 8th anniversary with a 48-hour Makerathon event that fans can watch online, coupled with offers, gifts, and a referral program that gets you rewards!

Designer: The Snapmaker Design Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $2999.

The Artisan Premium is Snapmaker’s top-of-the-line creating tool. A 3-in-1 device that prints, engraves/etches, and CNC machines, the Artisan Premium offers a large work area and still saves space by offering so many functions in one workstation. An all-metal design ensures factory-grade precision, an enclosure contains the dust and protects your eyes from laser damage, and a control unit with a 7″ touchscreen allows you to easily operate the Artisan with ease. On the inside, a modular interface lets you plug in any of Snapmaker’s variousmodules, giving the Artisan its functions.

3D Printing: Thanks to the optimized transmission system and motion control algorithm, Artisan features a high dimensional accuracy when printing at a high speed.

Laser: Coming with the 10W Laser Module, Artisan is capable of faster and deeper cutting on more materials, and delivering refined laser engraving.

CNC: The high-rigidity linear modules and high-speed spindle empower the CNC module to carve or cut smoothly on various materials with a high dimensional accuracy.

The new 40W laser module is now more powerful than ever, allowing you to cut through thicker and tougher materials faster, giving you mastery over paper, fabric, leather, wood, plastic, metal, brick, glass, and many more materials. The 3D printer features a dual-extruder design that lets you print in multiple colors or add different material supports, and the 200W CNC machine is perfect for subtractive prototyping from wood, or even soft metal and stone. The 400x400x400 working area gives you the ability to build large-scale models, and the inclusion of an air pump in the Premium variant helps clear the working area while the Artisan is doing its job.

Along with the reveal of the Artisan Premium, which goes on sale on May 28th with an MSRP of $2999 USD, or €3299 EUR (vat included) if you’re in Europe, Snapmaker is even holding a 48-hour Makerathon with the theme “Play Well” that reflects the company’s roots in fun and exploration and its ongoing commitment to innovation and creativity. Held on 31st May and 1st June, the Makerathon will see Snapmaker’s entire company divided into 10 teams that will then participate in a series of challenges where they’re required to “Make Something Wonderful”. The event will stream on Snapmaker’s Facebook page, and will also coincide with Snapmaker’s Print & Play Challenge, a video contest that all Snapmaker users can participate in.. All you need to do is print anything you can play with (toys, games, music instruments, etc.) and film a video of yourself playing with it. The first five submissions will be screened at the Makerathon, and the Print & Play Challenge will continue all the way up until the 16th of June or Father’s Day. You can participate in the Print & Play Challenge, or even visit Snapmaker’s website to explore tonnes of new content, including printable 3D models of Snapmaker’s 3-in-1 machines, massive discounts on all products, and a referral program that offers a FREE 1064nm IR Laser Module to anyone whose friend buys an Artisan Premium.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2999.