Decent Descent

With a huge amount of the world’s population heading up to find living and working space, much focus has turned on finding safe and efficient ways of letting people down in ways not involving George W. Bush. “The Wizard” was dreamed up to make the high-rise lifestyle a little less scary by providing a quick exit in an emergency situation. The Wizard “caters for this necessity by providing automated public safety solutions with up to 250m of reciprocating lifeline technology.” Let’s say a fire breaks out in the first ten floors of your high rise and Bruce Willis is on the roof trying to mow down some well dressed German terrorists, what can you do? Well you can make like Spiderman, strap on The Wizard and scream “weee weee weeee” all the way down. This life saving device uses webbing woven from liquid polyester capable of withstanding forces in excess of 2 tonnes. Engineering plastics based on semi-crystalline polyamides were specified for the case and internal drum, encasing a cassette spring recoil system capable of deploying a 50-250m Kevlar lanyard. The compact design and robust injection moulded shell protects the unique internal mechanism from the environment and user abuse, allowing the unit to be serviced at minimum cost.

Designer: HJC Design