A portable stationery organizer to carry, use, and pack up your drawing tools!

If you’re an artist, designer, or even a creative person who simply likes to draw and doodle around, you know exactly how important your drawing tools are. But storing and organizing your stationery equipment well is a whole issue by itself. So, Anton Meyer designed The Arch, a portable organizer for your prized drawing tools!

Designer: Anton Meyer

Crafted wholly from plywood, at first glance, the Arch looks like your everyday pencil case, in which you would store your stationery items.

And it does function like one, with little compartments within to hold your pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers and etc!

However, the compartments are covered with two thin layers of plywood lined with little dotted holes designed to take things up a notch! You can remove the panels to create two arch-like extensions over the cover of the organizer, and attach it onto the base.

You then pop in your pencils or pens into the neat holes, your tools are supported by the two arches, while providing you easy access to pick up the tool you need (and help you show-off your arsenal!). You can arrange them according to your needs and preference, or maybe even according to color! The Arch is a super useful minimal organizer, that can really elevate the way you carry, store and handle your stationery items. This is a huge boon for the messy ones!