Want to read in the dark? This ‘Illuminating Bookmark’ makes your pages light up at the right brightness

There are two types of book readers – ones who read during the day and those who snuggle up in bed at night with a book. While the day readers get plenty of natural light, night readers sometimes struggle to find the right lumens that won’t strain their eyes and disturb the light sleeper sharing the bed while they lose themselves in the power of the written words. Numerous companies have come up with creative solutions to both these problems with night lights.

A good reading light defines your reading time; either you can enjoy a physical book or have to open up a Kindle, which will strain the eyes. There are plenty of night lights such as the Glocusent LED neck reading light or Vekkia Dual Heads Rechargeable book light that come with high recommendations, but they fall short when compared to the AwesomePre book light, which has an innovative design allowing a window into your book after dark.

Designer: BEBOP Design

Created for the LED technology development startup MemsLux, the AwesomePre is made to create an emotional connection between the reader and the story after the sun goes down. Shaped as a large window that can be placed on the page you are reading, the device uses MemsLux’s LED technology to emit comfortable light wavelength to give a private reading experience. It would be like gazing into your favorite escape world through a portal. Alas! You cannot magically cross it.

The main body has a ‘magic lighting plate’ made with a semiconductor process and contains barely visible micro-sized light emission patterns. The sophisticated design of the night light eliminates unnecessary clutter such as cords which works best for people who often toss and turn while reading. It also helps minimize clutter and distractions while you are immersed in a book. The slender frame of the device allows easy portability so you can stash the light in your bag and take it on your sleepovers or vacations.

It features control panels on the main body attached to the frame where the reader can adjust the light to their liking. The chargeable device can be used as a handheld light or placed atop the book. It can serve as a mood light when connected to the charging dock.

This reading light is particularly beneficial for people who like to read late into the night and do not want to disturb anyone in the room. Unlike its counterparts on the market, the accessory allows uniform light distribution on the page being read, so you don’t have to adjust it as you near the bottom or squint. The only downside we can think of is the lack of ergonomic comfort for readers who fancy reading in a laid-back position. Other than this, the accessory is a must-have for bookworms.