This see-thru directional speaker brings invisible headphones that also serve as desk decor

Open office spaces and work-from-home arrangements have made headphones almost a necessity in warding off distractions. But while they may be effective at blocking out other sounds, they can sometimes be too effective in also blocking out important sounds or, worse, important people. They can also be uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time, creating fatigue and increasing stress instead of reducing it. Loudspeakers are, of course, out of the question in the office, and they can be awkward at home, especially when you need to do video calls. Straddling the middle ground between these two extremes are these innovative invisible headphones that not only create a personal sound space but also put a beautiful piece of decoration on your desk or shelf as well.

Designer: New Waves

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While there is a lot of hype around Spatial Audio as the next big thing in the industry, there is another undercurrent that is trying to bridge the gap between headphones and regular speakers. The so-called invisible headphones are technically directional speakers that focus the sound within a certain field so that you’re the only one that really hears what’s going on without having to cover your ears or get tangled up with cables. You might think that Focusound is just another entry in this niche market, but it actually offers innovative features in a stylish and practical package.

Comfortable & private working place.

Home entertainment with virtual headphones.

You will immediately notice that there is almost nothing to see with Focusound, just a see-thru glass in a rectangular frame. That, however, is actually the speaker, using a composite structure of multi-layered transparent films that acts as the sound-generating unit, with the actual driver housed in an external module. This “screen” focuses the sound in a narrow beam, almost like a spotlight, delivering audio that is as clear as the speaker looks and only toward the person who is meant to be listening.

While the transparent glass speaker is already eye-catching on its own, it also serves an additional purpose. Thanks to its equally innovative Back Clips, you can clip anything on the back of that see-through material, from photos to to-do lists and anything in between. This turns the speaker into a piece of decoration that can stand anywhere at home, thanks to its simple and minimalist design. Of course, putting anything behind the glass doesn’t affect the audio coming from the directional speaker, so you can definitely have your cake and eat it too.

A rotatable back stand lets you prop up the Focusound at multiple angles, whether vertically or horizontally, giving you complete freedom of how and where you want to place the speaker. And if you combine two Focusound speakers with the same driver, you can even have a 360-degree surround sound setup that won’t bother the rest of your family when you’re enjoying a movie or a game. For only $329 for a Focusound SOLO or $419 for Focusound DUO, you can enjoy clear yet private audio anytime, without the hassles of headphones and earbuds, while also adding a bit of pizzazz to your desk with this memorable and multifunctional see-thru directional speaker.

Click Here to Buy Now: $329 $699 (51% off). Hurry, only 5/100 left! Raised over $200,000.