This modern all-in-one duffel bag allows you to easily transition between the office, gym, and even travel

Designed to be classy enough for the conference room, and spacious enough for the locker room, the FTL merges the office briefcase with the gym and travel duffle to give you something entirely different. Dubbed as an All-In-One bag, the FTL can go everywhere you go, and has just the right amount of compartments to carry a slice of life with you to work, to play, or even to travel.

Designers: Ryan Lane & Xander Chase

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The FTL was created by New-Yorkers Xander Chase and Ryan Lane as a result of seeing too many people carry and own separate bags for separate parts of their life. You had your work briefcase, your gym duffle, your travel carry-on, and just on a logical level, they thought there had to be a better way. Created as a one-bag-fits-all solution to urban life’s unique problem, the FTL embodies the spirit of New York in many ways. It’s aesthetic, is fit for any setting, and is designed in a unique way to accommodate all of your belongings in a way that makes it perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle.

The FTL’s design has a unique appearance, given that it looks like a briefcase from the sides, but is wide enough to really fit the requirements of being a duffel too. It sports two handles that let you carry it around like a briefcase but has that signature shoulder strap so you can roam around hands-free, as well as a trolley sleeve that lets you secure your FTL to your travel case while scuttling through the airport. The bag’s size makes it the perfect flight cabin travel companion, gives you dedicated, quick access to your laptop during TSA security checks, and it’s just thin enough to slide right under your airline seat during take-off and landing.

Separated Laptop Sleeve

30 Liters of Volume Airplane Personal Item Compliant

Custom Removable Garment Bag

Fold Out Packing Cube

Trinket Pocket

The FTL combines three distinct bags into its form – the work briefcase, the garment bag, and the sports/gym duffle. The three personas co-exist rather wonderfully within the FTL’s well-compartmentalized design. You’ve got an exterior padded sleeve that’s perfectly sized for a laptop, a drop-down compartment with secure straps to hold your garments in place, and 30 liters of internal storage for everything from chargers and EDC to towels and water bottles. A dedicated shoe compartment on the front lets you store your shoes within the FTL too, keeping them separate from the rest of your belongings. Moreover, FTL’s makers also designed matching Dopp kits for your toiletries that fits right inside the FTL’s spacious storage, and a faux-leather luggage tag to attach to your bag’s strap, both available as add-ons to the original bag.

Aside from having the coolest names ever, Xander Chase and Ryan Lane also have a great sense of intuition when it comes to bag design. With their finger on the pulse of fashion and function, Chase and Lane happen to have made the perfect bag for the urban dweller… something Chase and Lane heard from more than 350 of their existing customers. The FTL emphasizes material, with a unique vegan leather this is both water resistant and durable and YKK AquaGuard zippers throughout the bag. The bag, which starts at an incredibly affordable $199, comes in three colors – Kenmare Black, Abbot Green, and Essex Blue, and ships globally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $219 $330 ($111 off). Hurry, only 86/100 left! Raised over $40,000.