Transform Your Bread Baking: DoughBed Ensures Perfect Proofing Every Time

As bakers, we often grapple with unpredictable bread dough. To shape a great loaf, mastering the art of mixing and fermenting a perfect batch of dough is essential. This initial proofing stage, also known as bulk proofing, is pivotal and, unfortunately, one of the most challenging steps in bread baking. It can take home bakers months or even years to develop the skill to recognize a well-fermented dough. So, the question arises: how can we consistently proof our dough correctly and ensure confident baking every time?

Designer: Sourhouse (Erik Fabian & Jennifer Yoko Olson)

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Meet DoughBed by Sourhouse – your new best friend in the kitchen. Rest assured that the problem isn’t your dough; it’s the inconsistent temperature of your kitchen. Kitchens are often too cold, and the temperatures fluctuate, making it challenging to stick to a proofing schedule. This ingenious tool solves the problem by warming your bread dough by approximately 5-10°F (3-6°C) and sustaining that temperature. DoughBed combines a warming mat, a glass dough bowl, and a cork lid to create the ideal proofing environment.

Mat + Bowl + Lid = The Perfect Proofing Solution

The warming mat ensures your dough is gently and evenly warmed to 75-82°F (24-28°C), the ideal temperature range for fermentation. This consistent warmth transforms the proofing process from unpredictable to reliable, giving you confidence in your baking. The cork insulation in the mat and lid prevents heat loss, directing the warmth where it’s needed most – your dough. This innovative design means your dough will stay warm, not your counter or the surrounding air.

DoughBed combines a warming mat, a glass dough bowl, and a cork lid to create an efficient warming solution. The dough bowl has a wide bottom so your dough is gently and evenly warmed to 75-82°F (24-28°C) by the mat below.

The glass dough bowl’s oval shape is inspired by traditional wooden dough bowls, offering an ergonomic and pleasant experience for mixing, folding, and kneading. This shape allows you to get underneath the dough and move it around easily, much like a trough. The bowl’s transparency is another thoughtful feature, letting you keep a watchful eye on your dough as it bubbles and rises. Seeing the fermentation process helps bakers become more intuitive and skilled over time.

The warming mat is made with cork to prevent heat loss into your cold counter.

With consistent dough temperatures, you can say goodbye to inconsistent proofing times. By keeping your dough at a steady temperature, you’ll know exactly when it’s ready to shape. This predictability is a game-changer, whether you’re baking with sourdough starter or commercial yeast. Consistent dough temperature sets you up for repeated success, turning baking into a more enjoyable and less stressful activity.

Oval = the Best Shape for Dough Handling

This design also considers practicality and sustainability. It’s energy-efficient, operating at just 10W via a USB plug, which means it can be used anywhere in the world with a local USB-to-wall adapter. This low energy consumption makes it one of the most sustainable ways to proof dough at home. The use of materials like cork and glass further enhances its eco-friendly profile.

When it comes to storage, it’s compact and convenient. The warming mat’s cable can be neatly tucked into a pocket on the bottom side, and all parts fit inside the bowl, making it easy to store in any kitchen space. Whether you place it in a drawer, a vertical cabinet, or even under the oven, it won’t clutter your kitchen.

DoughBed makes proofing a delight rather than a challenge. By providing a consistent and controlled environment, it ensures your dough ferments perfectly every time. With this, you’ll find that baking bread becomes a more reliable and enjoyable process, enabling you to serve up great loaves with confidence. Bakers, embrace this innovation by Sourhouse to enhance your bread-making skills. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a beginner, this product will become your go-to kitchen companion, making the process of perfecting your bread smoother and more satisfying.

Click Here to Buy Now: $185 $225 ($40 off). Hurry, deal ends in 72-hours! Raised over $260,000.