The Global Projected Satellite

Because of the great area they must cover on foot, hikers often find the screens of traditional hiking GPS devices too small to properly navigate terrain. As you might’ve guessed from the name, the Project Hiking GPS aims to solve this problem with a projected map instead of permanent screen. Simply aim and point on any surface like rocks, trees or the ground to see an enhanced, larger map that can be color adjusted for easy viewing. Ergonomically shaped to fit the hand, it’s also rugged and durable for tough outdoor use.

Designer: Erin Glaberson


  • Szymon says:

    Another designer thinking projecting black light is possible :/

  • Erin Glaberson says:

    Szymon, it is called a concept because it is conceptual.

  • Erin Glaberson says:

    I also just looked up how to project objects that look black because I was curious. You can project dark items in contrast to light items to make them appear black. So it is possible to project things that look black but are not actually black. This is in case anyone wanted to know how it would work.

  • Soroush says:

    Interesting concept Erin. I love the way it works! You can also add zoom in/ zoom out button in order to see specific areas.

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