Radiators Have Other Uses Too

As winter’s cold creeps in, we all revel in the little things to keep cozy. The Natural Wave is ceramic plate that fits over an old school radiator. The heated plate keeps your drinks and snacks warm without having to use additional power and energy like a microwave or oven. Pretty ingenious and if anything, it makes those old rusty radiators look a lot better.

Designer: Byung-seok You


  • Steph says:

    Yes, it’s very cool. But where do I get one? How about a link to the manufacturer or seller?

  • Mary Anne says:

    where can i buy one???

  • I sometimes get amazed about how little people know about energy. This is a really great product, but IT DOESN’T SAVE YOU ANY ENERGY. Placing a plate oin top of your radioator will stop the convection airflow through the radiator, making the room cooler. Also the energy that is used to heat your tea is not heating the room so more energy will be needed to heat the radiator.

    In a house where you have the heating on, it is pointless to save energy with low energy light bulbs etc. All the energy in a light bulb will be converted to heat anyway, so there are no losses!

  • beto says:

    I think its pretty sweet, maybe a little big for what people would actually need it for, but an awesome idea. Though about the energy saving thing, I do agree with Mattias, but I guess its just matter of not using that as an argument to sell your product since it might not work as good as you thought it would.

    • Steve says:

      Mattias does make an interesting point. Indeed enlightening. However, those old radiators often go along with old heating systems and rooms will get unbearably hot, unless you open a window. Point being that old radiators often are wasting large amounts of energy already- therefore making this product a good idea.

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