This Juicer gives you Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice in Less Time than it takes to Brew Coffee

Orange juice is great for you. It’s packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, citric acid, and anti-inflammatory compounds. The problem is that juicing an orange is a little more annoying than it should be. You need to cut the oranges, manually juice each cut half, strain the pulp, and then wash your hands because you got juice all over them. It takes way too long to get one glass of OJ and you end up smelling like oranges in the process. It’s much more convenient to buy a carton of orange juice, and that’s quite a shame… Which is why a Barcelona-based startup Citring designed the Citring One, a citrus juicer that works about as fast as a Keurig or a Nespresso takes to make coffee. Just add the oranges, press a button, and you’ve got yourself a glass of fresh juice. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Designer: Citring

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Well, if you think of how Nespresso and Keurig made coffee-brewing as simple as inserting a pod and hitting a button, the Citring One does the same for all citrus-based fruits. About the size of a coffee maker, the Citring One squeezes and juices 3 fruits at a time, eliminating the need for elbow grease, straining pulp, and cleaning yourself up after. Just open the lid and insert up to 3 whole citrus fruits in the silicon container. Shut the lid, place a glass under the dispenser, and hit the button on the Citring One. Once you do, something rather interesting happens. A slicer ascends upwards, guillotining the fruit into two halves, before using compressed air to press into the cut fruit and squeeze its juice out. Juice is dispensed to your glass through the same silicone container, so there is no need to clean any additional parts.

1) Put up to 3 whole oranges in the machine. No need to cut them. 2) In about a minute, your juice will be ready. 3) Citring will automatically squeeze the oranges and pour the juice into your glass.

The entire process is absolutely foolproof because you don’t need to do anything at all. The Citring One cuts and juices your fruit for you, giving you empty hemispheres of squeezed fruit that you can then throw away. The interface has all but one button, so you don’t need to worry about any settings, modes, or a smartphone app that tells you how much Vitamin C intake you’ve had all day. Drinking juice is good for you and the simpler the process the better. Every few uses, the BPA-free food-grade silicone containers inside the Citring One can be removed and rinsed under running water or in your dishwasher. The technology under its hood is impressive, and the overall product even secured an iF Design Award this year for how simple and foolproof it is.

Aside from being a little larger than your citrus juicer or even your blender, the Citring One does sport a $289 price tag which would make anyone reconsider… But think about a few things. You’d pay the same amount for a coffee machine, so why not a juicer? After all, juice is great for you. Secondly, those cartons of juice are filled with more sugar than fruit, and the costs add up when you end up buying a carton every week. Fresh fruit (especially from a farmer’s market) is a lot cheaper, and actually helps you regulate how much added sugar you consume in a day. Moreover, the Citring One works with other citrus fruits too, from lemons and limes to grapefruits, tangerines, mandarins, blood oranges, etc. It’s perfect for people who love consuming fruit, and just personally, makes for a great addition at juice cafes or restaurants/canteens wanting to offer juice that doesn’t get fresher than this. The Citring One comes in 2 colors, an all-black version and a stormtrooper black + white variant, and ships globally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $289 $409 (30% off). Hurry, only 42/150 left! Raised over $100,000.