Adorable Hen-Shaped Olive Oil Dispenser Combines Aesthetic Design with Sustainability and Practicality

It has become quite a thing to have a good balance between design and functionality lately, adhering to this, Soso potentially introduces an innovative gourmet olive oil dispenser that artfully bridges aesthetics, sustainability, and practicality. Inspired by the brand’s iconic egg-shaped salt shaker, the new oil bottle captivates with its whimsical yet refined hen-shaped design, evoking the playful query, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” This concept breathes life into the vibrant product range, offering a delightful and visually appealing solution for culinary aficionados.

Designer: Bernardo Diaz Lopez for Soso

The design journey began with a clear objective: to create a compact, durable, and reusable container that complements the beloved egg salt shaker. Crafted from high-quality ceramic sourced from local producers in Andalusia and the Spanish Levant, the bottle embodies a deep connection to Spanish heritage through its tactile feel and aesthetic purity. This local sourcing not only ensures premium quality but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to supporting regional craftsmanship.

The gourmet olive oil dispenser features a distinctive integrated opening and closing mechanism. This innovative stopper allows for hermetic sealing and effortless pouring with a simple twist, eliminating the need for removal. When fully twisted off, the cap can be detached for easy refills, featuring a double anti-drip and oil return system to enhance functionality and maintain a clean pour.

Ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, the hen-shaped bottle marries form with function. The multifunctional cap plays several roles—sealing, pouring, and refilling—all seamlessly integrated into the overall design. This attention to ergonomic detail ensures that the dispenser is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Aimed at consumers who value both aesthetics and sustainability, the design appeals to those who appreciate locally sourced goods and the revival of ceramics as a reusable material. By integrating recycled plastics, the product range highlights its eco-friendly credentials, attracting conscientious buyers who seek both style and sustainability in their purchases.