A foldable pour-over coffee brewer that’s thin enough to fit in your wallet

Meet Pourigami, the world’s smallest coffee-brewer. Designed to be an incredibly creative way to brew coffee no matter where you go, the Pourigami occupies the same amount of space as three credit cards piled one upon the other. Comprising three interlocking metal plates, the Pourigami transforms into a pour-over brewer that can sit on top of your cup, neatly nestling a conical coffee filter in its negative space.

Created by a bunch of people who absolutely loved brewing and consuming cups of coffee, the Pourigami was envisioned as a great way to carry your coffee-brewer with you. Big enough to brew one cup of coffee at a time, small enough to slip into your wallet when you’re done, and light enough to take practically anywhere, Pourigami is made of three uniquely shaped stainless-steel cards that measure just 2.4mm when stacked together. Open them out and dock them within each other and you’ve got yourself a pour-over coffee maker that rests on any cup, and can be used with any #2 size coffee filter. The Pourigami’s triangular shape makes it stable, and the stainless steel build is the perfect choice for its reliability food-grade nature and rustproof-ness.

Measuring at 5.1 inches x 2.5 inches, the Pourigami is a tad bit larger than your credit card, and was designed to fit right into your pocket. Designed to be carried everywhere, the Pourigami is for people who want to be able to get their coffee fix anywhere on the planet… because you’re less likely to find a Starbucks on an outdoor trail, and instant coffee is, well, it isn’t real coffee.

Designer: MiiR