Compact MagSafe Flashlight is perfect for everything from iPhone photography to outdoor adventures

With a stunning 300 lumens of brightness, the WUBEN E1 is 6 times more powerful than your smartphone flashlight, making it perfect for selfies, vlogging, outdoor trips, emergencies, and even reading. The best part, it snaps right onto the back of your phone, giving you a compact ring-light on demand, so you don’t have to use your phone’s crummy excuse for a flashlight. And when you’re not using the light, you can use it as a stand to prop your phone up at any angle.

The WUBEN E1 is proof that MagSafe was an incredible idea. While Apple merely designed the feature to support chargers and attach wallets, MagSafe has spawned a whole host of third-party accessories, from finger grips to tripods, power banks, EDC, and now the E1 flashlight. A perfect example of an accessory that nobody knows they want but everyone definitely needs, the WUBEN E1 straps a powerful lighting device to the back of your phone. Much more effective than your smartphone’s native flashlight, the WUBEN E1 sports a ring of 28 LEDs that create a bright ring light that’s perfect for selfies or for exploring the outdoors. The light sits on a hinge that serves as a stand for your phone, while also letting you face the light forwards or backward, giving you the option of even using it for selfies. Plus, multiple brightness levels and three color temperature settings (warm, neutral, cool) give you way more freedom than your smartphone flashlight could even dream of.

Designer: WUBEN

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For context, the iPhone 15’s flashlight maxes out at 50 lumens – ask any photographer and they’ll tell you that is far too little for effective flash photography. The WUBEN E1, however, overshoots the smartphone flashlight’s brightness by about 6x, giving you a light that’s much more effective in a variety of scenarios, whether it’s finding your keys in the dark or taking beautiful low-light selfies.

Slightly smaller than a hockey puck, the WUBEN E1 packs a series of 28 LEDs in its compact design, and can be used either independently or while securely snapped to the back of your MagSafe-compatible smartphone. On its own, the WUBEN E1 is a pretty handy little flashlight that can be held in your hand, attached to the hood of your car (or any metal surface), or even propped up on any flat-ish plane for instant lighting. Snap it onto the back of your smartphone, however, and you’ve got yourself a powerful tool for selfies, vlogging, or even outdoor adventures.

The WUBEN E1 operates entirely thanks to a crown located on the rim beside the LEDs. Similar to the ones found on a watch, the crown can be pushed to activate the light or cycle through temperature settings, and can be rotated to adjust the brightness. Keeping things gloriously simple, the E1 doesn’t come with an app or any settings that would complicate its use. It’s simply a great, intuitive, sleek EDC light that just so happens to attach to the back of your phone.

Attaching the WUBEN E1 to your phone gives you two distinct benefits. The light’s hinged arm lets you use the E1 as a stand for your phone, propping it up in pretty much any angle you choose. The second, more obvious benefit, is the fact that it replaces your phone’s flashlight with something far more versatile and powerful. The LED ring is 6x more powerful than your phone’s native flashlight, and the hinged arm lets you face the lights anywhere, creating a great makeshift camera light that’s just wonderful for low-light shots, vlogs, or even vanity selfies. Weirdly enough, the LED ring also makes your iPhone look somewhat like a Nothing Phone (1), which feels ironic and slightly hilarious. iPhone users get the last laugh, however, because the E1 is so much more capable than the Nothing Phone’s notification LEDs.

Each E1 comes made from lightweight Magnesium alloy, giving the EDC flashlight a weight of just 36 grams or 1.26 ounces. At just 6mm thin, the WUBEN E1 fits comfortably onto the back of your phone without really jutting out or obstructing regular phone usage. It’s also slim enough to slide directly into your pocket with or without your phone, reinforcing its portability. A 320mAh battery gives the flashlight anywhere between 30 minutes of usage (on its brightest setting) or 50 hours of on-time (on its lowest setting), while a USB-C port on the base of the light lets you charge your device.

The WUBEN E1 starts at $39, and for $69 you’ll get the E1 along with a metal tripod stand/selfie stick that sits between the flashlight and your phone, turning your cutting-edge phone into a comprehensive photo and videography device. The Wuben E1 ships globally starting July 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $49 (20% off) Hurry, limited units at discounted price. Raised over $133,000.