Insect-Inspired Cement Mixer

The Orpela Tino self-loading cement mixer takes inspiration from the mud dauber wasp, which builds its home from a mixture of mud and digestive juices (yummy!). Like the wasp, the front of the machine with the loading shovel is strong and aggressive while the back area with the mixing drum mocks the form of the wasp’s water droplet shaped rear end. Articulated steering and hydraulic suspension also make this mixing monster ideal for use in rough-terrain areas where access is limited.

The cab also operates hydraulically further maximizing accessibility. The operator seat is high-mounted in the glass-covered cab for maximum visibility while driving. The cement output view is provided by a camera and although the shovel is controlled by the driver, an automatic control brings it back to the “feeding” position to save time.

Designer: Amos Boaz


  • Bojan says:

    concept is genius!

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very smart!

  • R says:

    Nice allusion to the natural world. You might rethink the placement of the cab or excavator arm though. allowing the possibility for self destruction is just asking for it. Always take Murphy’s Law into account.

    Secondly, examining the use cycles of the current excavator and concrete truck will show that their combination isn’t an advantage. An excavator will often stay on site for the extent of the foundation building process, while concrete trucks must constantly come and go, dumping and refilling numerous times. The trucks are also often fed by gravity from overhead hoppers and not by a mechanical shovel from a pile. These two tools need to stay separate.

    Really good exploration, conceptualizing and rendering. Keep going!

  • Renzo Menegon says:

    Very inspirational, great work!!

  • Acen says:

    I Have a different opinion….

    Why these two machines have to be seperated?!

    Because “transportation”…..The cement truck usually has to go to the Ready-mix plant to load different type of cement, and the excavator will stay at the construction yard or factory. If you carry all the excavator with the cement truck will use more gasoline to “carry” them and the “company” will have the same number excavator and cement truck….it’s not cheap…..

    But….form beyond function….you know…GJ…

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