A microphone and speaker with a gentle aesthetic!

This product oozes sophistication, quality and a high level of refinement, that have each been captured within a device that doesn’t shout about its presence… this is the Microphone Speaker by Zhao Hu.

Unlike conventional microphones, this device carries a far more considered aesthetic, that been achieved through its soft, flowing curves and muted colors. Consisting of three, equally as beautiful components, the microphone, charging base and the main base, that each carries dedicated functions to enhance the performance of the product! The microphone gently connects to the magnetic charging base, that features a series of buttons on its underside for quick changes to the audio! Whilst on first glance it may appear that the large, translucent part of the product is simply somewhere to store the product, you’d actually be wrong… and the Type-C charging port towards the bottom is the first give-away! It is a hollow stand that has been implemented to increase the bass effect in the audio; the sound escapes from the speaker-hole on the underside of the component.

Designer: Zhao Hu