Ditch those cloth masks for this transparent N99 face mask with an AI-Powered Ventilation System

I guess masks have been around long enough for someone to make them modular! Meet the BlueBreath, an advanced N99 mask with a unique ability to snap on modules on the front to change the way the mask looks and behaves… allowing it to serve multiple purposes.

The BlueBreath builds on two core ideas. A. Masks can be difficult to breathe through, and B. Masks can be a visual barrier at certain times. With these two directions in mind, the BlueBreath comes with two interchangeable modules that solve these problems. One module is its AI-powered ventilation system, which increases the mask’s breathability by physically pushing air in using an internal fan… the other module is a transparent shield, that filters your air like a normal mask would, but gives you visibility, allowing you to communicate more openly with people, and occasionally unlock your phone without needing to constantly touch it. The BlueBreath’s base, which straps securely around your face, lets you easily swap modules on the fly, allowing you to go from AI-assisted breathing to aesthetic face-shield in a matter of seconds.

The BlueBreath’s AI-powered ventilating module fits right over the mask’s frame, with a hypoallergenic silicone gasket to create a comfortable seal around your face. An internal fan module helps suck air in, creating a positive air pressure within the mask so you can breathe as freely as you would without a mask. The fan runs on an AI algorithm that can detect your breathing pattern, adjusting the fan speed along the way to increase the speed when you’re running, and decrease it when you’re idly breathing. The air is pulled through a 5-layer N99 HEPA mask for maximum purification. An activated-carbon ply within the mask helps neutralize microorganisms and VOCs (odor molecules), while a dedicated Eco Scents layer helps generate an aroma within the mask for optimal freshness.

While BlueBreath’s ventilating module serves one purpose, its transparent module caters to a different requirement. Designed to be worn at work, in public spaces, or anywhere where you’d like to be able to interact freely with people, the transparent shield helps keep you protected, yet visible, with a clear visor on the front with an anti-fog coating. The N99 Hepa Filter for the transparent module sits around the sides of the mask, efficiently pulling air in through the multiple layers to deliver 99.97% clean air when you breathe. Dedicated pathways for inhaling and exhaling ensure your mask’s always well ventilated and you never end up feeling stuffy. It helps when you have to use your phone too, allowing you to unlock your device with your face, and easily participate in video-calls should you choose.

Developed in USA with N99 filters manufactured in Germany, the BlueBreath mask comes in a variety of colors, and in three sizes for adult males, females, and children. The mask’s base features an ergonomic design made to comfortably fit all face-types, with adjustable head-straps, soft silicone rings, and a hypoallergenic plastic that promotes longer usage without suffering from mask-fatigue. The AI-powered ventilation module comes with 8 hours of operation time on a full charge, giving you more than enough battery life for a working week, while the transparent module is ideal for short trips to the supermarket, or for meeting friends over the weekend for some safe socializing. By covering the two broad use-cases (feature-driven and aesthetics-driven), the BlueBreath aims at being a mask that has a little something for everyone. Whether you’re exercising with your mask on (the AI-powered ventilator works wonders at delivering more oxygen to your lungs), commuting, working, meeting friends, or just heading out to run errands, the BlueBreath always has you covered… quite literally, if I may add!

Designer: Woomier Engineering

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BlueBreath: First AI-powered Smart Mask

BlueBreath is the first smart mask with an AI-powered air ventilation system to give you 10x more breathability. Its AI system identifies how much fresh air you need regardless of the situation. And its 5 layers of filters offer you 99.7% protection against pathogens, allergens, dust, and other airborne particles.

AI-powered Ventilation System

The micro ventilation system ensures a constant circulation of clean air. The upper air-inlet ventilation valves purify the air as you inhale and the lower air-outlet valves transport out the CO2 as you exhale.

The BlueBreath’s enhanced ventilation system keeps the inside of the mask moisture-free and fresh. The valves are designed to filter down up to 0.3 microns size particles, thus preventing the outflow of all kinds of germs and viruses.

German Made Nanofilteration System

Additional Features & Benefits

BlueBreath comes with 6 colors and a transparent design, which will allow showing your smile expressing your emotion, use the phone face ID system.

BlueBreath face mask is made of high-quality, lightweight, anti-allergic plastic material. The inner soft silicone contour perfectly adjusts to the form of your face without leaving a mark on your skin or causing any discomfort. A smart face mask can be used with glasses without fogging up the vision.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $99 (50% off). Hurry, only 3 left!