Power Wash

The DualWash reminds me of the Electrolux Design Lab concept Bifoliate Double Dishwasher. The idea is similar, to have a wall mounted dishwasher that doubles up as a storage cabinet. However the DualWash features some newer innovations. This two sided dishwasher uses carbon-dioxide cleaning rather than water-based cleaning.

How it Works:

When the washing cycle is started, Carbon-dioxide cycle is activated, and Supercritical Carbon-dioxide is pumped to the cleaning chamber. Supercritical Carbon-dioxide has a very low surface tension, meaning instead of beading up into a ball like water, it spreads out widely covering all surfaces. During the washing cycle, Carbon-dioxide flows around the machine and cleans it. For solid particles, Supercritical Carbon-dioxide is turned to gas phase and food particle filter holds contaminates. The filter can be removed and cleaned.

Project developed with Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH under Home Hereos – Designing Tomorrow’s Home Appliances.

Designers: Gökçe Altun, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek and Halit Sancar