Symphony headphones boast a mini vinyl player to toggle the music playing experience

Vinyl records bring a more immersive listening experience when stacked against the more modern digital formats. This is attributed to the superior music quality, since there is no data loss and the music plays as intended by the composer. And who can deny that distinctive sound and the warm tone teleport audio lovers to a different realm?

Some premium headphones paired with high-end equipment can come close to the quality of vinyl. So a concept artist decided to fuse the two audio parallels into one gadget. These are the Symphony headphones that bring the distinct feeling of analog audio to your ears. Of course, they match the whole experience with immersive sound delivery, and we are already yearning for them to someday come alive as a real pair of headphones.

Designer: Przemysław Wolnicki

The unusual user interaction blends modern technology with the nostalgic charm of the vinyl records. On the outside of each of those cans is a mini vinyl record for controlling the music. Rotating the record makes the song seek forward or rewind backward, while the subtle movement of the needle toggles the current track being played. The tone of the playback can also be adjusted with the player needle which is so damn cool.

This modern headphone design is fused with the nostalgic element of vinyl players most dramatically. There’s no complaining about the luxury and premium looks in this design. The designer has chosen brushed stainless steel for a very audiophile-centric appeal and those elongated bars on each of the head cups remind me of the concept hypercars. The use of see-through glass material further adds to the charm of these dope headphones. Something that Nothing would be inspired by for their next pair of headphones. So, what do you think, are these cans worth all the attention?