The Ultimate Sling Bag for Photographers lets you carry Cameras, Drones, and any other Gear

Contrary to popular belief, bags aren’t about storage… they’re about access. You see, every bag offers storage, it’s how you use and access that storage that makes a difference. Now most backpack makers recognize that the laptop is perhaps the most critical part of bag design (it needs to have a padded sleeve with a quick-access design), but what about those bags that AREN’T designed for laptops? Well, that’s where things get murky because then bags start becoming vague. They offer storage and expect you to figure out how to store and access your belongings. A sling bag’s design really doesn’t focus on anything, it offers an oddly triangular storage pocket that isn’t specifically designed for anything, and can be annoying to access quickly. A camera bag, on the other hand, is tailor-made just for cameras… not gaming gear or drones. With bags either focusing too much on specific storage or not enough, the ISHO-X5 boldly creates an all-purpose sling bag that shapeshifts to suit your changing demands. Designed to store (and organize) your gear, whether it’s cameras and lenses, drones, gaming tech, or even EDC, the ISHO-X5 doesn’t just offer versatile storage, it offers versatile access too, with clamshell ingress, side-access, and a unique X-Wing divider that lets you segregate your gear efficiently so that you can quickly take them out when you need.

Designer: Gideon Balloch

Click Here to Buy Now: $143.65 $169 (Use coupon code “YANKO15” to get an exclusive 15% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

The sling format is a unique one because it can be carried in multiple ways. You can either wear it across the front like you would a camera bag, letting you access the contents the instant you see something worth photographing, or across the side or back, sort of like a conventional sling or messenger bag. The ISHO-X5’s rectangular design also lets it easily fit into larger backpacks or travel bags, offering modular storage in ways those ridiculous triangular sling bags can’t.

What the ISHO-X5 gets absolutely right is the idea that bags are about access. The sling offers ample storage, but also lets you access its storage in a variety of ways. The main door opens partially so you can dig in for stuff, or opens fully in a clamshell style so you can actually take your gear comfortably. The bag’s strap attachments actually let you quickly flip the main flap to face upwards, bringing the main door to the top so things don’t fall out as you open the bag. Additionally, the bag also rotates to face a side door to the top, giving you quick access to pull a camera or drone out in an instant, without having to fish other items out of the way.

The ISHO-X5’s compact design packs a surprisingly spacious 5.5L interior, allowing you to carry 80% more gear compared to similar-sized slings. The cuboidal shape of the bag does a remarkable job of being space-efficient, while the compact padding lets you easily store items without worrying about them bumping up against each other. The X-Wing divider helps you further segregate your spaces to suit your gear perfectly. Think of it as bubble wrap that fits in between your items, shapeshifting depending on whether you’ve got a DSLR or a drone or even a Nintendo Switch. The design team sought inspiration from Richard Neutra’s concept of “The Changing House,” a modernist piece of architecture designed with an adaptable multifunctional format, and open layouts. The bag’s cube shape and ample access points pay homage to its architectural inspiration, and the X-Wing allows you to create over 12 different layouts to perfectly organize your specific gear.

If that wasn’t enough, the bag comes with a removable/adjustable strap, external accessory-carrying straps, and a 9-pocket mini panel on the main flap for all your small gear from your passport and AirPods to every single memory card. The outer cover is made from a combination of a high tenacity 100% recycled Nylon 6,6 fabric with a weatherproof carbonate coating, and a diamond ripstop Nylon reinforced with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). If that sounds like too much jargon, here’s all you need to know – the ISHO-X5 is weather-resistant and abrasion-resistant, so a thunderstorm or a tumble downhill won’t do anything to the bag or the items inside. Yes, the bag also features YKK zippers to keep everything up to code.

Although designed to be used independently, the ISHO-X5 pairs wonderfully well with your existing backpack or travel case too. Designer Carry Cubo also makes its own bags and backpacks, all with the same materials, aesthetics, and attention to detail as the ISHO-X5. The smart sling bag comes in 3 color options and starts at $169, although YD readers get a 15% discount with the coupon code YANKO15.

Click Here to Buy Now: $143.65 $169 (Use coupon code “YANKO15” to get an exclusive 15% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!