This stool was designed for nomadic millennials who shift apartments

The Triplex stool addresses the overconsumption of furniture, especially the kind associated with a nomadic lifestyle that requires people to constantly buy new furniture for their new spaces. Designed to live with you, move with you, and last as long as you need, the Triplex stool comes with a three-part design that uses identical pieces that are screwed together. The identical pieces make the Triplex’s manufacturing footprint relatively small, while their stackable design means the stool can be shipped in a smaller box, and can be assembled at home. While moving (or when not in use), the stool can easily be disassembled and stacked/stored efficiently.

The Triplex stool (which is currently on the shortlist for an Inde Award) is made with flax fibre and bio-resin, which are both biological. Similar to the physical properties of carbon fiber, flax fiber has high tensile strength, while the stool’s own geometry utilizes curvature to attain structural performance. The stool weighs a mere 1.8 kilograms too, allowing it to easily be moved while shifting apartments, and when the stool’s life is finally over, it can naturally biodegrade without causing any pollution or residue.

Designer: Studio RYTE