Ice Cream Bike

Try taking apart the average bicycle and putting it back together again – if you’re able at all, chances are that the day has passed you by. The unique construction method of the “Ice Cream” Bike aims to make breaking it down a cinch for super-easy transportation and storage. 2 pieces of recycled steel sheets were water-jet cut to the shape of a bike profile and bolted together at the front tube, seat tube, and bottom bracket. All the user needs to take it apart and put back together are a screwdriver and wrench!

Wondering about the name? It’s inspired by the color of the bike’s paint which was found in the swirls of a tub of ice cream. Yummmmmy…..

Designer: Jose Rivera


  • Spyn says:

    Where are the breaks?

  • rupert says:

    Interesting idea, but it could do with a picture of the dismantled bike to communicate the benifits a bit better.

  • EILIER says:

    Oh, I also want to know where the breaks are 🙂

  • Quintin says:

    I think the idea is that the bike brakes (not breaks, that’s different…) by kicking back on the pedals, or it’s supposed to be a fixie.

    Also, you’d still need specialised tools to remove the bottom bracked axle and the rear gear. They cheaped out a bit with the gears, though. These are for bikes with shifter mechanisms. 2 gears at the front and I’d imagine about 6 of 7 at the back, but no shifters…

  • Rob says:

    Cut sheetsteel may not provide enough strength at the truss joint or across the open spans. Unless you’re trying to market the unique side-sway action of the frame, this bike might not provide the smoothest ride. Bike frames are made tubular to take advantage of higher multi-directional strength properties with thinner material cross section.
    I like that the designer has thought of the sustainable side of things, but there might be trouble finding any useable sheets of 1/8 inch steel that big at the dump. How much does this bike even weigh?

  • jap says:

    great design, i dont mind the breaks LOL, i like the handle bar, plain and clean ..

  • Hunter says:


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